On September 6, National Health and Physical Education (HPE) Day was celebrated across Australia. The theme, Good for Children, Good for Schools and Good for Communities, is celebrated over a three year cycle, and the 2017 event focused on how HPE is Good for Children.

ACHPER encouraged schools and teachers to get involved in National HPE Day by taking photos and videos of students engaging in active and healthy living and uploading them onto social media using the #HPEday hashtag and tagging ACHPER Inc. Congratulations to Dalyellup College (WA), Haileybury College, Brighton (VIC) and Thomas Hassall Anglican College (NSW) who are the winners or our competition!

Our ambassadors for the day also highlighted the benefits of quality Health and Physical Education for children:

“Quality physical education provides benefits of cognitive and academic results specifically relating to maths, numeracy and NAPLAN”. Kids participating in quality HPE are more engaged, active, social and also have fun!”.
Rob Narin (Executive Director of the Australian Secondary Principals Association)

“The health and physical education teachers play a significant role, however parents and other family members have a bigger responsibility to ensure that kids are living healthy and active lives. Children who are offered quality health and physical education are better equipped to understand the impact that physical activity has on their social, physical and mental health”.
Emma Kearney (Western Bulldogs AFL Women’s (AFLW) player)

“Quality health and physical education enables children to develop skills to participate in sport which is part of the DNA of Australia. There are so many career opportunities within the health and PE areas that it should be an integral part of any balanced education program. Many parents and families rely on/expect schools to provide HPE services for their children. Sector leaders, all teachers, parents, community sports clubs and of course community role models are all the enablers of the benefits”.
Steve Moneghetti (Accomplished long-distance runner)


Below is a snapshot of the impact of National #HPEday had in schools, in the media and on social media.

[View our #HPEday Infographic]