Research shows that children’s participation in physical activity leads to better student engagement, improved academic achievement during school years, and better outcomes in adult life.

Health and Physical Education (HPE) is one of the eight Learning Areas of the Australian School Curriculum. Some of the focus areas of the HPE curriculum include – fundamental movement skills, games and sports, mental health and wellbeing and understanding the health benefits of physical activity.

“But not all students in Australia are getting the benefit of quality HPE” says ACHPER CEO, John Stokes. “Whilst HPE is part of the Australian Curriculum, inconsistencies in its delivery mean that many students are not receiving the benefit of daily PE”.

He continued “Given the research findings that link an increase in physical activity to better academic performance, the delivery of daily PE is a no brainer”. Unfortunately, with the pressures on student class-room time, often HPE is relegated in preference to subjects focused on literacy and numeracy.

“Delivering a balanced day of learning areas from the Australian Curriculum areas which includes HPE, is essential” John Stokes said. “Daily physical activity has been shown to not only have benefits at school but also in developing good habits for adult life”. The community benefits of improved health and well-being have both positive social and economic outcomes.

“This is where ACHPER steps in” said John Stokes. As Australia’s peak professional association representing teachers and other professionals working in HPE, ACHPER is staging its annual National HPE Day on Wednesday 5th September 2018. The nationwide event is designed to raise awareness of the value of HPE in the Australian Curriculum and highlight the important role it plays in the learning and development of children, the benefit to all schools, and the value to the wider community.