ACHPER provides articles of interest in the areas of physical education, sport, health and physical activity for our target audience of HPE teachers and pre-service students. Below are a series of Blogs that have been posted on the ACHPER website that have relevance to HPE in schools, children and communities.

BLOG: Health & Physical Education: The Five Propositions

BLOG: Do our kids have all the tools?

BLOG: Active Transport… what’s getting in the road?

FEATURE ARTICLE: Research proves activity boosts young brains

BLOG: The Next Evolution in the Coordination of Health & Education

BLOG: Life Learning Through Positive Education

BLOG: Enhancing Well-being – Naturally

BLOG: What is your 30 minutes?

BLOG: Obesity epidemics – no short term fix, we need long term cures

BLOG: What is the impact of sweating out HPE in top-end NT schools?

BLOG: Healthy eating in outdoor education

BLOG: Coaching adolescents with Autism in a multi-sport program

BLOG: Fostering a love of learning and collaboration

BLOG: Physical literacy – a journey, not a destination

BLOG: Why HPE is good for children

BLOG: Are Our Young Kids Sufficiently Active?

BLOG: Parents in sport: A socio-cultural discussion

BLOG: Aussie kids graded D in first ever physical activity report card

BLOG: Updated physical activity guidelines released

BLOG: Managing Community School Gardens

BLOG: Does exercise make you smarter?

BLOG: Have we lost our way? The importance of joy in PE

BLOG: Royal Life Saving Pushes for Compulsory Swimming Water Safety